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Wix Online Programs

Offering an online course is one of the best ways to build your authority, credibility and income as a marketer or entrepreneur. But learning how to create one can be a confusing, costly and frustrating task. With a Wix website, however, you have the option to add an online course feature: It’s as simple as can be. Stop paying monthly fees to Teachable, Thinkific, or Kajabi. Instead, manage everything on Wix, without needing any tech skills!

If you:

• have a website on Wix (or are considering creating one)

• don't know how to code

• don't want to pay for a course platform

• want to sell your knowledge and don't know where to begin

• have already started and you're not sure what's next…

Wix Online Programs is for you!

By creating online courses you can generate passive income, empower your audience and have more time to live your life. This Wix app can also be applied to other forms of learning, like:

  • psychology marathons

  • fitness goals

  • wellness challenges

  • monthly competitions

  • employee training

  • and more!

Let’s walk you through the process of building an online course in Wix...

To begin, head to “Add Apps” and enter “Wix Online Programs” (formerly Challenges). Add it to the site, and click “Manage programs”.

WIX PRO | Website Design | Wix Online Programs

What do you want to create?

The cool thing about Wix Online Programs is that it can support a wide variety of activities and skills. Building online courses is just one of them: You can use it for challenges, personal coaching, nutrition plans, financial plans... you name it! Choose from one of the templates or start fresh and create your own.

WIX PRO | Website Design | Wix Online Programs

Enter the basic information

Give your coursea descriptive name, then add a cover image and program summary. Next you can set the pace and duration of your program. Wix lets you choose whether or not it's self-paced - meaning that your students can complete steps whenever they'd like, with no set schedule. Your content can be accessed at any point in time by all of the participants. A scheduled-pace course would be best if you want to drip release your content,so students can see and complete specific steps or tasks on specific days or weeks. The same goes for the duration - you can choose a flexible or specific date for the start and the end of the program.

Edit pricing and visibility settings

You can specify who can join the course via the dashboard. Can anyone view and join, or is it secret and only visible to the participants you invite personally? It’s your choice. You can also select the ways participants can pay to join your course: Charge per course up-front or create subscriptions with pricing plans (weekly, monthly, yearly).

Add steps to the program

This is where you add content and settings for the program’s steps. You can add files, images, video and audio to make the steps more interactive, as well as a feedback form after each step. For self-paced programs, steps are grouped into sections to keep your program organised.

WIX PRO | Website Design |
Wix online programs

Publish the program & invite participants

From your site's dashboard, you can view the participants in each of your programs, track their progress and receive feedback. You can also invite new participants or remove participants as necessary.

Online course with Wix
Wix Online Programs

And there you have it! :) This simple and easy to use app is your go-to, all-in-one solution for building a successful, thriving online course.


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