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Brand Concept and Site Architecture

A brand concept is a system of values and characteristics that position a brand in the market in the most effective way. The goal is to create and convey the (marketing) idea of the product to the consumer. A clearly-worded brand concept serves as the basis for building creative, visual and verbal concepts – the ones we work with while developing a website.

We mention this because we often find that many people who ask for a site are not clear on their audience or positioning; so they order a site where "everything for all" is sold. For every business owner, whether at the beginning of their journey, reviewing their performance, or looking in new directions – this is where they should begin their website development project.

Brand Concept and Website Architecture | Wix Website Design |

Knowing "who we are and what we do" is a good start, but it’s definitely not enough to create a site which would work towards a common vision. If you want to find your customers, position yourself in the market, and continually develop, the range of issues you need to think about is much broader.