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Dine App by Wix

New WIX application for restaurant owners.

Did you know that more than 30-40% of orders are made through the apps? And this number is getting even higher.

If you are a restaurant owner and WIX user, you may be interested to know about the new WIX application DINE. With this app customers can make an order fast and easy directly from your restaurant.

Why do users prefer apps? For one main reason - It’s convenient.

  • App is already installed on the phone.

  • Credit card data is saved.

  • Delivery addresses are saved.

  • Order history is saved and it’s easy to re-order.

  • Location based offers are available.

  • Easy to find a restaurant in any location.

Why is it better for restaurants to use an ordering app? The main reason is engagement with the customer.

  • You get an order directly from the customer.

  • You collect customer data.

  • You can use push notifications to inform about special offers, discounts and engage with your customers.

  • You can analyse orders and make changes according to the results.

DINE is a part of WIX restaurant.

  • To start working with an app, just download it.

  • Through the dashboard, find your restaurant.

  • Customize your presentation on a