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Google Business Profile Optimisation

If your business serves a local area, then there's no better place to be found than on Google Maps. There are literally dozens of factors that go into who shows up there and in what order. Rather than tearing your hair out looking at all of them, what if you could just focus on a handful of things that will have the biggest impact on your Google ranking?

The seven big local SEO ranking factors:

  1. Links back to your website

  2. User behaviour (how long visitors stay, click-through rates, etc.)

  3. Citations (directory listings, social profiles, any mention of your business around the web)

  4. What's on your website itself (basically all the things that you do for regular SEO will help you in the map listings as well)

  5. Reviews (including your overall star rating, how good they are, how many and how often you get them)

  6. Personalisation for individual searchers (their unique search and browsing history as well as device they're on and where they're searching from will all skew the results for that user specifically)

  7. Your Google Business Profile (GBP)

The GBP happens to be the single most important element when it comes to ranking and maps, and the good news is, most of it is completely in your control. Let's talk about the three most important elements within your Google Business Profile that you can actually manage and how to use them to your ultimate advantage.

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