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How to Take your Restaurant Online with Wix

Wix Restaurants was initially introduced in 2016 to help customers in the food and beverage industry easily build a website, and it has expanded significantly since then. The app allows restaurants and other food/drink businesses to design menus, take orders (free of commission) and let customers book tables, all in one place.

When in-person dining was halted by the pandemic, many restaurant operators had to re-evaluate their online customer interface. To bolster its offering, Wix introduced a point-of-sale (POS) system and acquired a digital ordering business.

Increased demand for takeaway

There are numerous things for restaurant owners to think through before offering an online ordering option:

  • Does it work for my type of restaurant?

  • Do I have the capacity?

  • What are the tools I can use to start offering online ordering right now?

  • How can I promote my business to get online orders?

Many new restaurants are adding online ordering, and not only those with classic "delivery" fare, but also breweries, gastropubs and chefs/gourmet eateries.