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Tasteful and Organised Video Content with Wix Video

Since appearing about 20 years ago, video-blogging (a form of web television) has steadily gained in popularity. As we’ve all seen, it has flourished in recent years, turning from a fun hobby for many into profitable business.

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The approach to creating and presenting video content is becoming more and more professional. There are already schools that help novice vloggers to quickly orient and find their niche. Of course, it all started and continues on YouTube; but a growing number of experts say that in addition to a channel there, no matter how successful, a video blogger needs their own website.

Here’s why:

Traffic from search engines

People are looking for information not only on YouTube. They turn to search engines for specific queries, and your content, including video, must appear in the search results.

You can create a separate page for each topic on your website which will be indexed by Google and Yandex, attracting an audience in search of this particular information.