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SEO for Wix websites.

What do we do  search engine optimisation (SEO)?
We just build websites with SEO in mind  🙂

Wix has an excellent range of SEO tools to help your website rank well with Google.

The Wix website builder is a super-convenient platform for creating and managing businesses online. But when it comes to SEO, Wix website owners might hear some scary stories suggesting that Wix is ​​just not designed for it. ​

We won't go into why this is false right now. Let's just say that both our own website and those of our clients rank at the top in  online search results.


While it’s true that Wix didn’t have all the necessary tools for fully-fledged SEO a few years ago, over the past 10 years the platform has developed extensively. It now has advanced SEO tools  that cater to the fact that SEO itself has changed in the last decade.


In 2016, Google officially stated that Wix websites can rank well in its results and that the search engine is not biased against  any platform you choose to build your site on.


What does “SEO-friendly website” mean?

Website Structure

Clear sitemap, easy navigation  and correct internal page linking

Useful Content

Content created for humans, not for robots – useful, unique and readable

Tags and Urls

“Alternative text”  (alt-tags) for images, meta tags and descriptions, human-readable URLs 

Professional Design

It’s not just about looks, it’s about making your website user-friendly and pleasant to use – and it’s also part of SEO

We don't do SEO for websites made by a non-professional designer

and here's why:

Briefly, it’s easier to re-create a website from scratch with SEO in mind than to trawl through it  looking for errors and fixing things. SEO starts before a website is developed, not after. It’s not an "add-on" task which can be magically applied to any existing site.

We respect and value the money, time and effort of our clients, and do not engage in pointless attempts to optimise a "non-optimised" website, for the sake of earning some extra money.


Wix SEO Costs

Basic SEO 

Cost depends on size of website, as SEO settings are done page by page.

Suitable only if Wix site created professionally. Our websites include this service by default.

from $ 1250 

Advanced SEO

Ongoing work for minimum period of 6 months. Includes content writing, continuous  monitoring and indexing of new pages.

per month

Interested in SEO?

Let's Talk!

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