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 Wix Training.

How to set up and use Wix website

Sharing our knowledge and expertise so that all Wix users get the most from their websites

We have been working with Wix for 10 years, we know everything about its capabilities, and we are ready to share our knowledge so that all wix users can get the maximum from their sites


Creating a professional and working website on Wix is half of the battle. When the website is launched, it is important for the business owner and his employees to understand how to work in the editor, what tools and functions are provided in WiX for business development, and how to use them.

Often we encounter the fact that businesses that have existing sites on wix are unaware of even half of all the features the platform has. And this is absolutely natural, because wix functionality and capabilities are developing daily: new products are launched, existing tools are updated.

As the Wix Ambassador in Brisbane, we provided Wix training since 2015 and have successfully hosted dozens of offline and online training events during that time. 


The training program is built upon request, based on the needs of the company and may cover the following topics:

Design basics in the Wix editor

Advanced site administration

Wix features, tools and apps

SEO of Wix

WIX PRO holds private and corporate sessions of-and online

The knowledge gained will help optimize, speed up the work of site administration, as well as significantly save on the use of third-party products, analogues of which can be part of your Wix package.


How much does Wix training cost?

600 $
4 hours
up to 6 participants

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