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  • SEO evolution of WIX

    WIX always expands the range of tools for better SEO. Today I want to share with you some tools I usually use for SEO settings. Custom meta tags WIX automatically sets up your meta tags to meet SEO standards so the website appears correctly in search engine and social media results. You can also customize meta tags on every page of the website. That's what I do Social media Check how your website page will look, when somebody will share the link on it in social media. Customize the website’s look in the settings on your site or in the Social networks tab. SEO Templates You can configure the same SEO pattern to multiple pages at once. This tool may save you tons of time if you want to update SEO for your blog posts, store products, event pages etc. Website verification in Google, Pinterest, Bing and Yandex search engines… with the WIX Search Engine Verification Tool you can index your website instantly, it takes a few seconds. URL redirect manager If you deleted or renamed a URL page or moved a website to another platform with different URL structure, you need to set up a redirect. With WIX you can set up a redirect not only for one page, but also in bulks. Such a time saver Structured Data Structured data provides search engines more detailed information about website’s content (rich results). To add structured data code in the advanced SEO settings, you need to generate it. So far, external tools are used for this (for example But WIX is building an in-house tol for that. Editing robots.txt file The robots.txt file indicates which pages should be included in search engine results. This does not guarantee that Google will crawl the page or URL, but it improves the accuracy of search engine indexing. You can do editing in main SEO settings on the control panel. Follow us on instagram to get more insights, ideas and inspiration

  • Documentaries for Graphic Designers

    I want to share with you the list of Netflix movies I recently found. I keep these movies in my bucket list and one day I will see them all for sure. ✔️Abstract. The art of Design. ✔️Minimalism: A Documentary About the important things. ✔️The Toys That Made Us ✔️Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski ✔️They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead ✔️Print the Legend ✔️High Score ✔️Have You Seen the Listers?o ✔️Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer Follow us on instagram to get more insights, ideas and inspiration

  • Page not found…

    What is 404 error? It is the page visitors see when they try to access a page that doesn’t exist on your site. If they have a broken link or renamed/deleted page they will land on the page with 404 error. You must add it on your website and direct lost visitors to home page or any other page. When 404 was invented by Berners-Lee, there were a lot of memes around it, “Not found” page was comics hero and popular print for T-shirts. Well, there is no secret story behind this code. Website errors fell into the 400 range, making “404” a relatively random assignment for “not found.” If you don't set up your 404 page on your website Wix will cover you with its standard default error page. It looks ok and do its job but it doesn't reflect your brand visual ID, it doesn't have your logo and looks very generic. Of course you don't want to lose a visitor due to silly mistake. We need to make sure that they understand where they are and direct them to other page. How to use 404 page to make it useful for SEO? to show possible URL that user was trying to reach to redirect user on important external links to redirect user for pages with good traffic most popular and useful is to redirect user to main page How to add 404 page on your Wix website? To add your own customised error page you need to have a Premium plan. Click Menus & Pages on the left side of the Editor. Click Add Page at the bottom of the panel. Select Error Page (404). Hover over the page template you want to use and click Add Page. You will be able to change it, so choose any :) 5. Customize your page to match your site. It is easy, just the same way how you usually edit your page. Here are some ideas: Change the text to match the voice and tone of your site Add a site menu Add links to popular sections of your site that your visitors might be looking for 6. Hit "Publish" to make the changes live. Remember You can change the page title for your browser tab from Page Settings, but the page URL always contains "error404". 404 page Examples When we design 404 page we do it as pretty as any other page on a website. It is important to make your visitors welcomed and engaged especially when they are lost :) Here are a few examples of pages we created Follow us in Instagram for more tips, insights and Wix new features releases

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  • Websites built with Wix | 🏆 Award Winning web designer Olya Black | Brisbane, Australia

    We build stunning websites on Wix. We do more than that. We develop verbal and visual strategy for your brand and implement it from scratch using Wix or Editor X Branding Website Marketing Our impressive websites with Wix 300 projects | 12 awards Out of gallery Branding Website We don't fit your business into a template, instead we tailor it specifically for your brand. Honestly, we are sick of seeing the same websites. All websites in our portfolio were made from a scratch! Since when has changing a template been called web design? Templates is like a jacket's from someone else's shoulders. We don't fit your business into a template we tailor it specifically for your brand. See Our Prices Let's Talk What You Get Basic SEO​ We build websites with SEO in mind. Your website will be optimised for Google search and ready for further advanced SEO. Mobile Version Of course, your website will be optimised and set up for mobile screens. We can also add mobile quick action bar for better user experience Custom Design Wix gives us absolute freedom in design and that's why we love the platform. We know how to balance Art with Marketing to create the right visuals for your brand. Tech support We don't leave our clients even after project is complete. Besides, Wix has its own support available for all Wix website owners 24/7. Any Functionality Online booking, e-commerce, hotels and event management, forum you name it. Wix has plenty preset tools for managing your business online. We know what tool will be optimal and integrate it with no extra cost. Professional Advice We have been in digital marketing since its birth. We love it, live it and know a lot. Happy to share our knowledge and direct you if you feel a bit lost. We are seen at Hi! My name is Olya Black, I am the Founder and Creative Director of Wix Pro studio My Team We share our knowledge 2 min SEO evolution of WIX WIX always expands the range of tools for better SEO. Today I want to share with you some tools I usually use for SEO settings. Custom... 1 min Documentaries for Graphic Designers I want to share with you the list of Netflix movies I recently found. I keep these movies in my bucket list and one day I will see them... 2 min Page not found… What is 404 error? It is the page visitors see when they try to access a page that doesn’t exist on your site. If they have a broken link... See More Posts Follow us for some inspiration, ideas and insights Need Wix Website? Let's Talk! Tell Us Everythung

  • Wix website made with heart and soul | 🏆Award winning wix web-designer | Australia, Brisbane

    Website Design and Development. we craft every detail of the proposal. That's how we work! Send Your Brief We build websites with Wix with heart and soul too We create website to shape right image of your company, evaluate your brand and implement professional tools to manage your business online. ​ We always start from an interview. We need to know the aim of your business, your market, industry and your clients needs. We create your website from a blank canvas. Only this way the look and feel of your website will reflect your brand identity. Since we don't work with templates we create only one well thought out design concept. Free Consultation You will get UX/UI Design A unique non-template design with set styles (colours/fonts/icons) Plugins and Widgets All basic tools will be integrated and set for your further administartion Mobile Version You website will be optimised for phone screens and usage Sitemap Optimal and user friendly navigation scheme Imagery Stock images / illustrations (up to 15 images, licensed). Domain Connection We only need your domain login details to connect all the dots and set the website live. Content Strategy Recommendations for content structure for home and other pages. SEO Basic SEO settings and indexing (titles, descriptions, on-page SEO). Love and Support We won't leave you once your website is launched. You also always have Wix Support. Timing The timing of a project depends on how fast you are in responding, how easy you make decisions and approve design. Home Page Design 7-10 days Content strategy of the landing page. ​ Design of your home page look and feel, colour scheme selection, fonts, graphics, buttons, icons etc. Website Development 15–20 days Development of navigation scheme and all other pages. ​ Integration of contact form, online booking and other tools. ​ Internal optimisation and tests. Website Launch 1-2 days Transfer and handover of ownership of the site to you. Connecting your domain and making sure you are online and that Google "sees" you. How much does it cost We do fixed price packages. So, no surprises! Landing Page / Blog $1200 Classic Website/ E-commerce up to 15 pages $3400 Advanced Website with Complex Functionality Final quote can be provided only with detailed specifications. from $3900 Website built in the new advanced Editor X from $1200 Editor X is the new Wix product. The platform allows us to create 100% responsive website. All elements of your website will be scaled to fit all screen sizes perfectly. We are social follow us for inspiration Follow Us Do you need a website? Let's Talk! Tell us everything!

  • Why did we choose wix ❤️ | 12 reasons to choose wix | Wix Pro | Australia, Brisbane

    Why Wix? Having been in digital marketing for 10+ years we have tried a number of different website builders. Wix is our choice and here's why: 10 years with Wix 12 awards and nominations 340+ completed projects Time Wix allows you to develop a website in reasonable timeframe. Todays market doesn't let you sit and wait. New products appears here and there every day, and you need to jump onto the first train. You can't spend months on website development. Unique Design Wix gives you a blank canvas and art tools to create anything you want. Check out our portfolio to see what we mean. All websites we create are created from a scratch. Simplicity You don't need a coder or programmer anymore (in most cases). Drag & Drop technology allows creation of cool websites without coding knowledge. You will also be able to do some changes on your website yourself. SEO Tools WIX had a long journey from being an SEO - unfriendly - platform to now when it has all the basic and advanced SEO tools you'll ever needed. Photo & Video Stock WIX updates its media library with Coll assets regularly. All photos and videos are free for commercial use. There are also other stock photos which you can access from your Wix dashboard and buy media files with a special price. Wix App Market Wix is not just a website builder. It is a very handy and powerful marketing tool with many additional apps which you can integrate to your website in two clicks: CRM, e-mail marketing, online booking, analytics, apps for events, restaurants and hotels and many more. Better Every Day We are lucky to communicate with the Wix development team directly and it is amazing to see how these people are devoted to what they do. New features, updates and products are coming up daily. WOW Effect Wix has all tools to create really cool modern websites with WOW effect. And that's what we specialise in :). 24/7 Customer Support Regardless the simplicity wix is famous for the platform operated by very complex technologies and some bugs might happen. Wix doesn't leave you to battle with it alone. You can always rely on Wix Support, it is available in any language 24/7. Mobile Version The mobile version of your website is the part of the deal. It is very easy to customise and to ensure your website looks great on mobile screens. Wix Mobile App If you have a website with Wix the app is a must have! Download it from App Store or Play Store and manage your business from your pocket. Online chat with website visitors, blog, store products, e-mail marketing and many more, all in in the app. Velo by Wix Velo (AKA Wix Code or Wix Corvid) is a full-stack development platform, indeed revolutionary tool. With Velo you can create dynamic content using database and create any custom functionality on your Wix website. Need a website? Let's Talk! Tell Us Everything!

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