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  • Bulk Coupon Creator

    Discount coupons to boost sales on your site! Coupons are one of the most surefire ways to boost store sales. Offer your customers discount coupons to promote brand loyalty and increase sales. Customers can then apply the coupon codes at checkout to take advantage of your offers. There are different types of coupons you are able to create in your site dashboard: a fixed price discount, (e.g. $10 off) a discount as a percentage, (e.g. 20% off) Free Shipping: Reward customers with free shipping a specific price (e.g. Buy t-shirts for only $12) Buy X Get Y Free: offer free products when making a purchase (e.g. buy 4 cupcakes, get the 5th one free) You control exactly what the coupon customers can applied to: - All your products or a specific one - A collection of products - A subtotal that exceeds a minimum amount Once coupons are created you can then create a marketing campaign and send it to your customers. Alternatively you can set up an automation where the marketing e-mail with discount coupons will be sent every time a customer performs a particular action (new member signs up, a purchase or abandoned cart). If you are communicating with a site visitor by email or chat, you can easily send coupons directly from your Wix Inbox to customers you're communicating with. In your site dashboard you can manage and manipulate some settings, such as limiting period or the number of times each coupon can be used. Also full report statistic will be available for you to see what coupon and how many times it was used. To avoid misuse of your promotional coupons Wix rolled out Bulk Coupon Creator. Guess what? It is absolutely free :) The main idea of the app is to provide each recipient with a unique code to reduce coupon abuse. Now it is really easy to generate unique coupons in bulk with just a few clicks. Bulk Coupon Creator can be used not only with your Wix Store, but also with Wix Bookings and Wix Events. You can import up to 1000 coupon codes from a CSV file and import them to your Wix dashboard. Here is a very detailed instruction of how to use Bulk Coupon Creator on your website.

  • Dine App by Wix

    New WIX application for restaurant owners. Did you know that more than 30-40% of orders are made through the apps? And this number is getting even higher. If you are a restaurant owner and WIX user, you may be interested to know about the new WIX application DINE. With this app customers can make an order fast and easy directly from your restaurant. Why do users prefer apps? For one main reason - It’s convenient. App is already installed on the phone. Credit card data is saved. Delivery addresses are saved. Order history is saved and it’s easy to re-order. Location based offers are available. Easy to find a restaurant in any location. Why is it better for restaurants to use an ordering app? The main reason is engagement with the customer. You get an order directly from the customer. You collect customer data. You can use push notifications to inform about special offers, discounts and engage with your customers. You can analyse orders and make changes according to the results. DINE is a part of WIX restaurant. To start working with an app, just download it. Through the dashboard, find your restaurant. Customize your presentation on app- upload Logo and attractive Cover. If you need to update the menu - just update it on the website. Announce to your customers about an app. Add Invite app banner (Join us on mobile) on your website. Copy a clickable link from the dashboard and place it on social media. Use your network. What is the difference between DINE from the other ordering services? You don’t need to pay any commission - if you have a website on WIX, your business is already in the DINE app. It's a worldwide network. You communicate directly with the customer. You collect your customers' data.

  • Tasteful and Organised Video Content with Wix Video

    Since appearing about 20 years ago, video-blogging (a form of web television) has steadily gained in popularity. As we’ve all seen, it has flourished in recent years, turning from a fun hobby for many into profitable business. The approach to creating and presenting video content is becoming more and more professional. There are already schools that help novice vloggers to quickly orient and find their niche. Of course, it all started and continues on YouTube; but a growing number of experts say that in addition to a channel there, no matter how successful, a video blogger needs their own website. Here’s why: Traffic from search engines People are looking for information not only on YouTube. They turn to search engines for specific queries, and your content, including video, must appear in the search results. You can create a separate page for each topic on your website which will be indexed by Google and Yandex, attracting an audience in search of this particular information. Website as a platform for advertisers Having a site will give you more options to earn income in addition to advertising directly in your videos – content promotion, for example. Better communication with the audience (fans, subscribers, advertisers) It doesn’t just have to be a conversation in the YouTube comments – on a website you can include all contact details, links to social media, create a forum and much more. Advertising and selling your own goods and services Where else than on your own website? Trust in your personal or commercial brand Having a website always demonstrates a serious approach to the activity, even if you create videos for entertainment. So there’s no doubt about it, you just have to figure out the easiest way to do it! We recommend the Wix platform and using the capabilities of Wix Video. It is exactly what is needed by video bloggers and all those who work with video, either professionally or as a hobby, and want to manage it well. Wix Video allows you to create your own video channels on a site, with the ability for users to watch, rent and buy videos. These can be films, series, vlogs, courses – any type of video uploaded from a computer or hosted online. Key features of the Wix video app Upload video from a PC, YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook Beautiful video players, adapted for screens on any device High quality video streaming Sales, rentals and subscriptions – all profits are 100% yours; Wix takes no commission YouTube and Facebook features: live streaming and 360° video Benefits of working with Wix Video A beautiful and functional website in a short time To make visitors want to watch a video, it must be presented attractively. With Wix, you can select a ready-made template from the Wix collection and configure the channel design to match your site. Or call on the professionals to create a complementary design from scratch. :) Synchronisation with YouTube Everything uploaded to a YouTube channel automatically appears on the site. Promotion and sales Visitors can share videos via social media, and you can sell or rent your own videos at a price you set. It’s also possible to track statistics and earnings. Paid subscription functionality Mobile optimisation The application is optimised for mobile and allows videos to be comfortably viewed on any device. Additional storage space available (Using Wix Video for free, you can upload 30 minutes of video – maximum 10 minutes per video – and broadcast up to 10 minutes live.) Online store This functionality allows you to sell additional products. It’s worth noting that all except the last two of these items are available in the basic, free package. With a website on Wix, your video content will be presented and organised at its best. Whether it’s an amateur portfolio or a serious business channel with impressive monetisation – you deserve it. If you’re going to develop or are working with a website on Wix, you should subscribe to our Instagram page We regularly share tips on developing and running effective websites, as well as reviews of new products and platform features. All with a curious and creative touch :)

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  • SEO for Wix website | Basic and Advanced SEO packages | Wix Pro

    SEO for Wix Websites. What do we do for SEO? We just build websites with SEO in mind 🙂 Send Request Wix has an excellent range of SEO tools to help your website rank well in Google. Wix website builder is a very convenient platform for creating and managing business online. When it comes to SEO, Wix website owners can hear some scary stories that Wix is ​​not designed for SEO at all. ​ We won't talk here why this is not true. Let's just say that our own website is on the top positions in the search, as well as the websites of our clients. ​ Indeed, WIX did not have all the necessary tools for a full-fledged SEO a few years ago. Over the past 10 years, the platform has developed intensively and today it has advanced SEO tools, not to mention the fact that SEO itself has also changed over the past 10 years. In 2016, Google officially stated that Wix websites are ranked well in Google and the search engine does not care what platform you choose for your website to be built on. Talk with us about your SEO What does SEO friendly website mean Website Structure Clear sitemap, easy navigation and correct internal page linking. Useful Content Content, created for human not for a robot. Useful, unique and readable. Tags and Urls Alt-tags for images, meta-tags and descriptions, url Professional Design Yes, design is the part of SEO too. Design is not about beauty, it is about making your website user friendly and pleasant to browse We don't do SEO for websites made by a non professional designer and here is why: Briefly, it is easier to redo a website from scratch with SEO in mind than investigating a website for errors and fixes. SEO starts before website development, not after. It is not an "add on" task which can be magically applied to any website. We respect and value the money, time and efforts of our clients, and do not undertake senseless attempts to optimise the "non optimised" website, in sake of earning some extra money. Wix SEO Costs Basic SEO The cost depends on the volume of the website, since SEO settings are set page by page. Suitable only if Wix website made professionally. Websites built by us include this service by default. from $ 900 Send Request Advanced SEO Ongoing work with minimum period of 6 months. The work includes content writing, constant monitoring and indexing of new pages $450 per month Оставить заявку Interested in SEO? Let's Talk! Tell Us Everything

  • Online shop built with Wix | Wix Pro | Australia, Brisbane

    E-commerce Design and Development . we crafted every detail of the proposal... that's how we work Send Your Request We built websites with Wix with heart and soul too We build online stores with your customers in mind, easy to navigate and checkout. Wix Stores is very powerful solution for e-commerce site with all business tools you need for managing your store ​ ​We always start from an interview. We need to know your market, industry and your clients' needs. We create your website from a blank canvas. Only this way the look and feel of your website will reflect your brand identity. Since we don't work with templates we create only one design concept but it is thoroughly thought. Free Consultation You will get UX/UI Design A unique non-template design with set styles (colours/fonts/icons) Plugins and Widgets All basic tools will be integrated and set for your further administartion Store Setup Design and setup products galleries, product page, cart, personal account, thank you pages etc. Mobile Version You website will be optimised for phone screens and usage Sitemap Optimal and user friendly navigation scheme Imagery Stock images/illustrations (up to 15 images, licensed) Store Inventory* We add categories and up to 10 products. *More than 10 products can be added for additional cost (cost depends on the total amount of products) Domain connection We only need your domain login details to connect all dots and set the website live. Content Strategy Recommendations for content structure for home and other pages SEO Basic SEO settings and indexing (Titles, Descriptions, on-page SEO) Standard delivery setup (up to 2)** **additional custom setup can be done with extra cost. The cost depends on specific requirements Love and Support We don't leave you once your website is launched. Besides you always have Wix Support Timing The timing of a project depends on how fast you are in responding, how easy you make decisions and approve design Landing (home) page design and setup 10-12 days Content strategy of the landing page ​ Design of your home page look and feel, colour scheme selection, fonts, graphics, buttons, icons etc Website Development 15–20 days Development of navigation scheme and all other pages ​ Integration of contact form, online bookings and other tools ​ ​Internal optimisation and tests Website Launch 1-2 days Transfer and handover of ownership of the site to you. Connecting your domain and making sure you are online and Google sees you E-commerce Cost We do packages with fixed price. So, no surprises Landing page with store pages Suitable for 1-3 products $2200 Classic E-commerce site Up to 15 pages/product categories USD 3800 Out of box E-commerce Tailored for your specific needs, fully customised site from $4300* *cost depends on your specific requirements We are social follow us for inspiration Follow Us Need an e-commerce Let's Talk! Tell us Everything!

  • Wix Trainings | Professional training with wix partner

    Wix Training. How to set up and use Wix website Send Request Sharing our knowledge and expertise so that all Wix users get the most from their websites We have been working with Wix for 10 years, we know everything about its capabilities, and we are ready to share our knowledge so that all wix users can get the maximum from their sites Creating a professional and working website on Wix is half of the battle. When the website is launched, it is important for the business owner and his employees to understand how to work in the editor, what tools and functions are provided in WiX for business development, and how to use them. Often we encounter the fact that businesses that have existing sites on wix are unaware of even half of all the features the platform has. And this is absolutely natural, because wix functionality and capabilities are developing daily: new products are launched, existing tools are updated. ​ As the Wix Ambassador in Brisbane, we provided Wix training since 2015 and have successfully hosted dozens of offline and online training events during that time. Schedule a Call The training program is built upon request, based on the needs of the company and may cover the following topics: Design basics in the Wix editor Advanced site administration Wix features, tools and apps SEO of Wix websites WIX PRO holds private and corporate sessions of-and online The knowledge gained will help optimize, speed up the work of site administration, as well as significantly save on the use of third-party products, analogues of which can be part of your Wix package. How much does Wix training cost? 600 $ 4 hours up to 6 participants Send Request ​ Need Wix Website? Let's Talk! Tell us everything!

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