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  • The Power of Internal Linking for SEO

    SEO experts keep claiming that internal links work for helping you improve your traffic and today we're gonna dive into a little bit "why?". An internal link is a link from your site to your site it links your pages together as opposed to linking to external (someone else's) sites or external sites linking to yours. Internal Linking is a part of on-page SEO for better ranking on Google as well as beneficial for users to navigate. There are few types of internal links: Navigation links (menu that navigates users to find what they’re looking for) Contextual links (links to additional resources within your website - case studies, articles etc.) Text links or anchor texts (clickable parts of the texts that link to another page with more information in relation to the text link) mage links (buttons /charts / pictures) Footer links at the bottom of a webpage (contacts, social media buttons, other important pages) Internal Links are Official Google Ranking Factor Statements by Google officials since the early 2000's and many experiments continue to prove the value of internal linking as a strongest SEO success factor despite popular opinion that it may not be as powerful as links from trusted external sites. Google uses links in two different ways: popularity and relevance. When Google sees a lot of links coming to your website or particular page of your website, that indicates a signal of popularity. Google says: "Wow there are a lot of links coming in, it must be a popular, trusted and reliable source - we are going to rank this page!" :) The other signal that Google looks at with internal links is relevance and that's where the anchor texts come in - the clickable part of link. Google will look at those words and see what the link is about and that's a hint to what your whole page is about. Internal links also help Google crawl and index your site. The Google Bots that are sent out to fetch new information on your site will have a better idea of how useful and trustworthy your content is, the more they crawl your internal links. Search engines will see that some of your web pages have more internal links pointing towards them than others, and will therefore consider them as more important.The higher the authority of a page on your website, the more valuable its internal link becomes. Internal linking also Improves engagement signals: there should be something to click on on the page always, something to engage with! If you have a bunch of links on your page you've given your users an option to explore the other pages of the website and engage further. And this is what's going to increase the amount of time that users spend on your site, the amount of pages that they visit and lower your bounce rate (not a Google ranking signal but an important signal nonetheless) . And the more users engaged with the site (you'll see over time and there are studies on this) is usually correlated with higher Google rankings and more traffic. And even if it is not, you are still giving your users more satisfaction because they are viewing more pages, they are reading your top content and you are giving them things to do and engage in. People love clicking on links! Tips on internal linking 1. Audit your anchor text Adding Meaningful Anchors (using keywords) important Both SEO- and user experience-wise. 2. Don’t Miss Alt Text Anchors When looking at linked images, the alt text is considered equivalent to anchor text, and represents an opportunity to communicate meaning and context to search engines. 3. Link For the Source Page We often think, when we link to the target page, that it helps the target page rank, but weirdly (and validated by a lot of SEO studies) linking helps both source and target pages to rank! And the reason for this is those engagement signals we've talked about earlier and the relevance signals. 4. Link High & Tight When you add internal links you want to link high and tight you don't want to bury those links in your footer or at the bottom of the page. You want to make them prominent. Put most important links front and center! 5. Avoid First Link Priority If a page links to the same url more than once the first link has priority. For example if you have links both in your navigation and the page body and you want both anchor text to count from Google, you might want to use hashlags (screen) or other clever ways to bypass the First Link Priority (Google it). 6. Leverage Automation Internal linking is one of those rare things in SEO field where experts actually do encourage automations. Because automations can help you find relevant pages to link from at scale that are really hard to find using traditional methods."InLinks", "Twuly" and "Siteseer" are few of the most convenient tools. 7. Do not overlink! Keep it at a reasonable number and make sure that user knows why it is important, why the link you add - related to the target page. Always keep user in mind. Remember - balance is the key!

  • Wix Hotels

    By HotelRunner Building a hotel, apartment or vacation rental property website in Wix has never been easier using the Wix Hotels app found on the Wix App Marketplace. This app allows you to book out the rooms straight from your website. People can choose their dates and length of stay, book the rooms and pay right on the website. Wix Hotels is an easy no code method of building a fully functional hotel booking and reservation website. Wix Hotels is the most convenient way for anyone to launch their very own online hotel booking platform in minutes. Recently Wix has updated its hotel solution - now powered by HotelRunner. Wix Hotels by HotelRunner provides a complex approach designed specifically for the hospitality industry that helps to easily manage and develop hotel business online. "We are constantly improving our offering to provide business owners with a complete solution for any type of business, and we're thrilled to relaunch our hotel solution for the hospitality and tourism industry," said Ronny Elkayam, SVP Mobile, App Market and Strategic Products at Wix. "As travel has begun to increase in the post-pandemic era, we're seeing a rise in the demand for digitalization in the hotel and hospitality industry and we're proud that we have developed a strong solution for these businesses and grow the addressable market. Wix has invested resources into building out the proper infrastructure to support privately owned businesses and large franchises, both for restaurants and hotels, and this new partnership with HotelRunner is another step in creating the go-to solution for businesses to efficiently manage their operations and grow." Wix Hotels by HotelRunner benefits: Maximize profit by connecting to leading online booking channels(, Expedia, Hotelbeds, and Airbnb) Get direct reservations and payments from your website Manage your rates and vacuity with handy timetables in a single platform Run your business easily with real - time force updates "HotelRunner has been introducing innovations for more than a decade to build a bigger travel economy. Wix Hotels by HotelRunner has been developed by leveraging both companies' deep expertise in both travel and technology and positioning our award-winning platform, recognized globally by the leading travel industry players, as its foundation," said Ali Beklen, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of HotelRunner. "Our unique partnership with Wix will be the driving force that will take the hospitality and tourism industries to the next level by accelerating the digital transformation. Thousands of accommodation properties from all over the world will benefit from an affordable and comprehensive set of products, thanks to the new Wix Hotels by HotelRunner," added Arden Agopyan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of HotelRunner.'' Wix Hotels by HotelRunner is in a gradual rollout in English first. Wix Hotels is the best way of building a hotel booking website, without having any knowledge of coding or web development. With the Wix Hotels solution you can build your own hotel website fast and efficient.

  • SEO Health of Уour Website

    New Tool by Wix Site Inspection is the new analytics Wix feature to pinpoint issues that may affect your site's performance on Google. You can find it under the SEO tools. Basically this tool will streamline all the insights into your site’s SEO well-being straight to your Wix dashboard! No More Google Console! Using this info, you can trace your search engine ranking issues and figure out how to rectify errors. Nati Elimelech, Head of SEO at Wix, explained what Wix users would be able to do: “The tool will report any index status that Google is reporting, sometimes with easier language to understand. For example, it could be “crawled but not indexed” or “blocked by robots.txt” etc. Each index status detail will have a “learn more” link to an article explaining it and mentioning the common reasons why it could happen, with links to more relevant explanations. We also tell the users exactly what app and type of page each URL is so they can easily know where they need to take action.” The Site Inspection tool is designed to demonstrate: The proportion of your pages that Google has indexed and excluded The most common status details associated with your pages An overview of your site’s usability on mobile devices The index status, status details, mobile usability, and rich results eligibility for each of your URLs Watch the video below if you want to take a glance at how this works. The Site Inspection tool is available in English at the moment but more languages will be supported progressively.

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  • Websites built with Wix | 🏆 Award Winning web designer Olya Black | Brisbane, Australia

    Wix Website Design As a Wix Partner in Australia we create professional award winning websites with Wix or Editor X platforms. We also develop verbal and visual strategy for your brand and implement it from scratch Branding Website Marketing Websites built with Wix and Editor X 300 projects | 12 awards Branding Website We don't fit your business into a template, instead we tailor it specifically for your brand. Honestly, we are sick of seeing the same websites. All websites in our portfolio were made from a scratch! Since when has changing a template been called web design? Templates is like a jacket's from someone else's shoulders. We don't fit your business into a template we tailor it specifically for your brand. See Our Prices Let's Talk What You Get Basic SEO​ We build websites with SEO in mind. Your website will be optimised for Google search and ready for further advanced SEO. Thankfully Wix has all advanced tools for great SEO Mobile Version Of course, your website will be optimised and set up for mobile screens. We can also add mobile quick action bar for better user experience Custom Design Wix gives us absolute freedom in design and that's why we love the platform. We know how to balance Art with Marketing to create the right visuals for your brand. Tech support We don't leave our clients even after project is complete. Besides, Wix has its own support available for all Wix website owners 24/7. Any Functionality Online booking, e-commerce, hotels and event management, forum you name it. Wix has plenty preset tools for managing your business online. We know what tool will be optimal and integrate it with no extra cost. Professional Advice We have been in digital marketing since its birth. We love it, live it and know a lot. Happy to share our knowledge and direct you if you feel a bit lost. We are seen at Hi! My name is Olya Black, I am the Founder and Creative Director of Wix Pro studio My Team Google Reviews Thank you for your words. We really appreciate your feedback We share our knowledge 4 min The Power of Internal Linking for SEO SEO experts keep claiming that internal links work for helping you improve your traffic and today we're gonna dive into a little bit... 2 min Wix Hotels By HotelRunner Building a hotel, apartment or vacation rental property website in Wix has never been easier using the Wix Hotels app... 1 min SEO Health of Уour Website New Tool by Wix Site Inspection is the new analytics Wix feature to pinpoint issues that may affect your site's performance on Google.... See More Posts Need Wix Website? Let's Talk! Tell Us Everythung

  • Wix Webdesigner | How much to create a professional website with wix | WIX PRO

    Hey! We've been waiting for you 🙂 Feel free to describe what kind of website you require! We will assess the scope of work and cost. Please fill in the form below. We'll get back to you asap. What website do you need? Classic website (10–15 pages) E-commerce Landing Personal website (blog) Portfolio Other Branding/Logo Already have it Should be developed I accept the terms of personal data processing and the Privacy Policy Send Thank you, we’ll be in touch soon! We have standard website development packages with fixed price for landing page, classic website or e-commerce 🤗 See prices

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