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  • MVP in business and design

    MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a version of a product/service that has a minimum set of features sufficient for its presentation and for testing by the first users. It is a complete usable product that fulfills its stated function. For example, a beta version of a company's website allows you to study users behaviour and gives you the ideas of further additions to the website in order to improve user experience. The MVP approach is useful for any business because it allows you to: - Save time and money on market and target audience analysis - Deliver a product faster and generate profits before its final development is completed - Get feedback from the target audience to finalize the product Surprisingly, we face many cases when client wants "everything at once" at the very first stage of bringing a brand to the digital world. Unfortunately often this could lead to a dead-end. Business owners are bogged down in a jumble of details that do not have any impact on the result instead of focusing on the essence, the maximum benefits of the product with the minimum effort on their part The point is, at the first stage, to determine the actions that will allow you to implement the main task of the product. Product can be launch without ALL POSSIBLE variety of functions originally conceived by the team. Remember trying to create something "perfectly perfect" can be too expensive for your business. You may lose time and profit instead of making money and having real user feedback to improve your service. How do we profess MVP in our design approach: 1. We concentrate on finding the simplest solutions, taking into account the needs of the target audience. Keep it simple. Wix is ​​the ideal platform for creating digital products with minimal development costs and maximum functionality. Using various ready-made solutions from Wix, you can present and test products of any complexity. 2. We focus on the main benefit of the product for users. We don't like to overload sites with overkill features and value propositions. The maximum number of features per product is no more than seven (proven by research), 3-4 is even better. 3. We always find the most vivid visual and verbal way of communicating product values. Millennials and Gen Z make their choices based on design. Design plays a huge role in the MVP philosophy as well. Speaking of design, we mean both the convenience and the general concept of the brand's visual strategy. The MVP approach allows you to save money, improve the product, build clientele or attract investors. The philosophy initially became in demand in IT, but it also works well in the sales of goods, services and other areas of business.

  • Editor X

    Recently Wix introduced a new platform for creating websites - Editor X. The main distinctive feature of Editor X is the ability to create fully responsive website design. The very feature all Wix designers were looking forward patiently for a long time. What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)? Briefly, responsive web design means that a website can adapt to any screen size and deliver the best experience to users, whether they’re on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Responsive web design works through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), using various settings to serve different style properties depending on the screen size, orientation, resolution and other characteristics of the user’s device. Whether viewed on a 27-inch iMac or from the screen of mobile phone, the websites will be configured for the user’s optimal viewing pleasure. With the responsive web design approach, all images, fonts, and other HTML elements will be scaled appropriately, maximising whatever screen size the user has, while so called adaptive design stays the same for every single device. Wix vs. Editor X With standard Wix platform, we only have two breakpoints options: desktop and mobile. Only individual elements of the editor are responsive and their width is dynamically adjusted to the size of the device. In Editor X the website grid and any site element are proportionally increased or decreased depending on the height and width of the screen according to predefined values. Now, when you want to create a website on wix you need to choose what editor you want to use. Though both, Regular Wix and Editor X are drag-and-drop platforms, Editor X is not as easy to use. A designer requires a lot of experience with the platform, good knowledge of UX and mathematics (yes, a pixel perfect site requires pixel perfect calculations). The cost of annual premium plans for Editor is much higher, but the result is definitely worth it. In addition to responsiveness, Editor X boasts other special effects and interactive features that cannot be implemented in the standard Wix. We tried them all 🏆👍 I was the lucky Wix designer who could have a personal training provided by the Editor X developers and designers. As agency we did not start creating sites using the new editor immediately, because the platform had some bugs (as in any new product) and lacked some functionality too. Now, when I am confident in the platform and myself, we are ready to create websites of a completely new level Check out our first work in the new Editor for a premium product The website was nominated for the "Site of the day" by Awwwards. If you also want to learn how to build websites with Editor X, you can do it at the Editor X Academy Despite the fact that both editors have completely different logic behind website building, they also have a lot in common: applications, plugins, CRM and all additional products for online business management. The editor interface itself is also almost the same as the regular Wix. But most importantly, these two editors are united by their constant improvement. Editor X, like Wix, is updated daily and supplemented with new applications and features.

  • Mobile App development with Wix

    Wix makes mobile app development easier and more affordable than ever. Branded App by Wix provides users with a solution to build a tailor-made app without a single line of code. Statistically store owners with native mobile apps see an average increase of 162% in transactions per site and fitness businesses see an average increase of 510% in services booked per site on mobile. That's why Wix's decision to build its own mobile app builder is super timely. Now, we have the freedom to design native mobile apps for our clients. Tools and features from your existing Wix site can be integrated automatically to the app set up. More importantly, activity from both the app and the site are synced to the Wix dashboard. Branded App by Wix provides advanced design capabilities and the platform will continue to release new features to offer extended customisation and navigation. Building a branded app is available to Wix users at an additional cost. Customers of the Wix business owner can download the app free of charge from the App Store and Google Play.

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  • Websites built from scratch | WIX PRO Pty Ltd | Bulimba

    Portfolio. Branding | Web design | Graphic Design | Packaging MOOI BEAUTY BAR CHARLIES RAWSOME JEZVA COPYWRITER KITCHEN REMEDY RED APPLE RED APPLE 404 page WAVE LENGTH ZENA DABBOUS FLORA BEAUTY STATION OH NY AMAZING SMM CHARLIES RAWSOME CHARLIES BROTHERS MEDICAL POLICY RESPACE PROVOCATIVE BRANDS PLANTBASED DOUGH GOLDBERRY GALAXY AUTOMATIVE FACIT HOMES Branding for mobile app | Australia Branding for mobile app | Australia Branding for nutritionist | Australia Branding for nutritionist | Australia Branding and Website for skincare products | Russia Branding for a DJ | Germany Branding for Athletes' mental platform | USA Platform developed for Athletes' mental health program | USA 404 page designed for a travel agent | Australia Branding and website designed for a travel agent | Australia Branding and website design for marketing agency | Au Out of gallery

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  • Websites built with Wix | 🏆 Award Winning web designer Olya Black | Brisbane, Australia

    We build stunning websites on Wix. We do more than that. We develop verbal and visual strategy for your brand and implement it from scratch using Wix or Editor X Branding Website Marketing Our impressive websites with Wix 300 projects | 12 awards Out of gallery Branding Website We don't fit your business into a template, instead we tailor it specifically for your brand. Honestly, we are sick of seeing the same websites. All websites in our portfolio were made from a scratch! Since when has changing a template been called web design? Templates is like a jacket's from someone else's shoulders. We don't fit your business into a template we tailor it specifically for your brand. See Our Prices Let's Talk What You Get Basic SEO​ We build websites with SEO in mind. Your website will be optimised for Google search and ready for further advanced SEO. Mobile Version Of course, your website will be optimised and set up for mobile screens. We can also add mobile quick action bar for better user experience Custom Design Wix gives us absolute freedom in design and that's why we love the platform. We know how to balance Art with Marketing to create the right visuals for your brand. Tech support We don't leave our clients even after project is complete. Besides, Wix has its own support available for all Wix website owners 24/7. Any Functionality Online booking, e-commerce, hotels and event management, forum you name it. Wix has plenty preset tools for managing your business online. We know what tool will be optimal and integrate it with no extra cost. Professional Advice We have been in digital marketing since its birth. We love it, live it and know a lot. Happy to share our knowledge and direct you if you feel a bit lost. We are seen at Hi! My name is Olya Black, I am the Founder and Creative Director of Wix Pro studio My Team We share our knowledge 2 min MVP in business and design MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a version of a product/service that has a minimum set of features sufficient for its presentation and for... 2 min Editor X Recently Wix introduced a new platform for creating websites - Editor X. The main distinctive feature of Editor X is the ability to... 1 min Mobile App development with Wix Wix makes mobile app development easier and more affordable than ever. Branded App by Wix provides users with a solution to build a... See More Posts Follow us for some inspiration, ideas and insights Need Wix Website? Let's Talk! Tell Us Everythung

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