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From year to year getting into the top search results becomes more and more time-consuming and challenging. One reason for this is that there's a lot of competition and it is growing. Another factor is the regular updates to the search engine algorithms. It is almost impossible to calculate ranking factors and determine which of them are the most important and significant. Let's talk about SEO, whether it is relevant in 2023 and what approaches the experts advise to pay attention to.

The biggest misconception about SEO nowadays

When people talk about SEO they mostly think about meta tags, backlinks and other technical things only. However, today's SEO is not just that. SEO happens across many different channels: social media, paid traffic, video (video is a huge opportunity to boost traffic). The more coordinated you are across those channels the more impact you'll see. This might be called "Holistic digital footprint". The knowledge that we gain from SEO of how search engines work, how people search, the kinds of queries that people make to find information, whether it's on Google, Amazon, Tik Tok, YouTube or Facebook, is valuable for all the verticals. If you are only looking at what is happening on your website and only focus on traditional content like blogs, you are going to be missing a lot of potential traffic that's coming from other channels.

What are the biggest changes experts see in SEO?

A significant milestone where we started seeing big changes was when Google started pushing us to "mobile first". With the "mobile first" approach users also give information to Google rather than just getting information from it, and in real time. Simply by having their phone on their person, users are saying to Google if the road or cafe is busy right now. We're receiving information while at the same time sharing it. Using search engines used to be something that we just consume, but now we are a part of it. It means that Google expects your content to be more conversational.