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What’s New in the Wix App?

The mission of Wix and the Wix mobile application in particular, is to provide end-to-end solutions for creating, managing and developing user businesses. Wix developers are constantly working on extending the platform’s technical capabilities, which is why the Wix app has evolved rapidly, along with other areas.

A significant leap forward happened about four years ago, when chat, online shop and order management features were added to the Wix mobile application. Since then, the app has been constantly updated with new tools so that today, it’s a fully-featured, pocket, mobile and very convenient version of Wix in your phone!

What’s coming up?

The next step in improving the user experience of the app’s clients is the planned division of Wix into two areas, one of which will more widely cover the needs of site owners and the other, those of visitors to these sites. So now we have the Wix Owner app (a mobile platform for site owners) and Spaces by Wix (an app for members – Wix websites’ end users).

Wix Owner

With the Wix Owner application, the owner gets their own website and mobile space to which they can invite members (who will receive a link to download the Spaces by Wix application). Wix Owner is where the Space area’s appearance can be customised and the site edited. It allows site owners to interact with their users through chat, blogging, forums, organising marathons and creating member interest groups. And of course, they can also manage their business from their phone (everything from membership plans, bookings and events, to managing restaurants and shops on the go)!