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Wix Website Design

As a Wix Partner in Australia we create professional award winning websites with Wix or Editor X platforms. We also develop verbal and visual strategy for your brand and implement it from scratch

Websites built with Wix and Editor X

300 projects | 12 awards

We don't fit your business into a template, instead we tailor it specifically for your brand.

Honestly, we are sick of seeing the same websites. All websites in our portfolio were made from a scratch! Since when has changing a template been called web design?


Templates is like a jacket's from someone else's shoulders. We don't fit your business into a template we tailor it specifically for your brand.

Wix Designer

What You Get

Basic SEO​

We build websites with SEO in mind. Your website will be optimised for Google search and ready for further advanced SEO. Thankfully Wix has all advanced tools for great SEO

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Mobile Version

Of course, your website will be optimised and set up for mobile screens. We can also add mobile quick action bar for better user experience

Wix Mobile Version
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Custom Design

Wix gives us absolute freedom in design and that's why we love the platform. We know how to balance Art with Marketing to create the right visuals for your brand.

Wix Custom Design
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