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Websites for Mobile Apps

The website for a mobile application is a vital element in its promotion. Search traffic from a website can account for a significant proportion of total app downloads. If you make good use of a "call to action" and update content consistently, your website can become a mini “market” for your app. You can also use it to link to web technical support for your users.

An app website must be produced while the app is being developed, not afterwards. The release of the beta version of your product is a unique opportunity to start building a loyal user base before its official release. Open-source testing can also help improve the app. And if you’re going to crowdfund your digital startup, a good website can be very handy! :)

We have developed numerous websites for mobile apps, some of which have been around for several years and highlighted in professional design communities. For this reason, we’d like to share our experience and emphasise several key points that you should keep in mind when creating a website for a mobile application.

Home page visuals

It’s usually the case that on the site’s home page an image of the app itself is displayed. This is typically in the form of a picture of a device with the app on the screen. But stay away from using realistic mockups of smartphones. Remember that iPhone versions change every year and Android models can look very different. All you need to do is display screenshots in a shape reminiscent of a smartphone.