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Behind the Work

What’s a Web Designer Really Thinking about?

When engaging a web designer, most clients focus only on the visual component of the future site. While we don’t want to detract from the importance of aesthetics – we create websites that are often highlighted in specialised design resources and nominated for professional awards – there are more pressing issues which must be focused on when getting to work on a website.

In this article we tell you about some vital aspects of web design which are often forgotten (or remembered at the last moment) not only by customers, but also by the designers themselves.


Ensuring that visitors have a pleasant experience using a website is probably the very first thing to think about when building it. Elements such as buttons and navigation should be easy to understand and adhere to accepted web conventions. We always consider our design decisions from the user's point of view. Beautiful, sure - but first and foremost, user-friendly!


For many it’s a revelation that website design has a direct bearing on a site’s future position. SEO is not a magic bullet for a completed website, it’s an integral part of its development! Work on SEO should be started way before site building, with the skeleton and navigation structure based on analysis of search queries.